An ecological way of life is very important to many campers. Camp Bijar has been involved with environmental awareness within the camping world, so the campsite has introduced organic waste water treatment via a plant-based treatment process.

Protecting the environment - Plant based waste water treatment

The plant-based treatment consists of three pools arranged in cascades treating waste water, where between 95 and 99 percent is treated by using biological, chemical or physical processes. 

Treatment is performed by the action of micro-organisms developed in plant roots. One cycle takes 4 days and organic and mineral substances, toxic substances and fecal and other bacteria are removed from the camp's waste water. Coloured water is cleared and is so pure it could be discharged into streams, lakes, the sea, or retained in puddles and artificial accumulations and used for irrigation or a similar purposes.

The system requires no maintenance except that new seeds must be planted periodically.

Plant-based treatments can treat all waste water, but the most common uses are for:

  •  Households where the sewer system connection is quite distant – the treatment is an ideal solution
  •  Protection of drinking water sources, underground waters and lakes
  •  Drinking water conditioning
  •  Treatment of waste water in small settlements, housing groups, camps, tourist resorts, farms, etc.
  •  Leachate waters from landfills and waste depositories
  •  Waste water from motorways, preservation of nature.

The plant-based treatment uses only natural materials and original organisms and, because it is well incorporated in the landscape, it is used in legally protected natural areas (reserves, national parks, nature parks).

Benefits of using a plant based treatment for waste water

  •  Uses original plants and natural materials
  •  No unpleasant odours
  •  The treatment is ideally incorporated in the environment
  •  Treated water may be reused, low price of system construction compared to some mechanical devices
  •  Cheap and easy maintenance
  •  High waste water treatment efficiency
  •  No mechanical equipment or energy is required for operation, a totally natural treatment

At camp Bijar we prefer the environmental approach to waste water treatment, thus preserving the environment and the appearance of the system does not impair the camp's natural aesthetics. For this reason we also feature the following processes:

  • water reduction on sink pipes to save water
  • electrical energy for more efficient water heating
  • energy saving lightbulbs 
  • waste re-cycling available for guests

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