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q/ Hi, we warnt to visit you next week (2 persona, 1VW Bus and 1 dog). Are dogs welcome on the camp and the beach? Greatings.

AH, 06.05.2018

a/ Dogs are welcome in the campsite. There is no designated dog beach in the campsite.

Admin, 07.05.2018

q/ Hello, we are planning to visit Cres this summer from June 23 to 27. From your experience, how crowded the camp site will be at this time? Will it be still possible to find a good place for two small tents in a non parceled site? Thank you very much Best regards, Emmanuel

ER, 26.01.2018

a/ Ussually you ca find a place in this period in the campsite for two small tents, but we can not promise anything. However, we suggest that you arrive in morning hours because it's easier to find a place in the morning rather than in the afternoon or eveninng.

Admin, 29.01.2018

q/ When do you Open in 2018?

SJ, 19.08.2017


Campsite Bijar will be open in 2018 from 21st April

Admin, 21.08.2017

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