Excursions on foot

The small town of Osor is only some five hundred meters from Camp Bijar. Osor is a town with a rich history. Thanks to an artificially made channel, transit traffic between the Dalmatian coast and the North Adriatic used to take place here. The well-preserved foundations of the town walls reveal its ancient history and make this town almost mythical. The entire town is an outdoor museum where artists from all eras have left their mark, from the early-Christian basilica to Meštrović’s monuments. The Amber Route, one of the oldest transport routes, runs through Osor, which is demonstrated by numerous amber decorations found in Illyric graves around Osor.

Popular musical evenings are held in Osor during the summer months: enjoy moments filled with classical music or visit one of the galleries that will surely delight you.

Climbing the Osoršćica hill is one of the 'must-do' excursions and adventures. You will enjoy the fresh air and direct contact with naturally preserved surroundings, find many indigenous plants, and have plenty to see once you get there. The view from the top covers the entire Cres and Lošinj Archipelago, even Italy can be seen from here. You will experience the entire beauty of our islands from one place. Before you return, get some refreshment in the mountain lodge and collect all your positive impressions.

If you’re an outdoor hiking or cycling enthusiast then this map of the promenades and footpaths PDF (1,8 MB) will surely help you »

Boat Excursions

Take a trip to Susak, a unique island made of sand, or the other numerous islands including: Srakane, Orjule, Ilovik, etc.

An excursion to the Blue Cave with a fish picnic and a visit to the beach at the bottom of Lubenice, listed among the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world.

In recent year dolphin watching tour is very popular and unique experience. These trips are organized by Blue World Institute and depart from Veli Lošinj (26 km, away, cca 20-30 minutes of ride).

Excursion boats depart from Mali Lošinj, Veli Lošinj, Cres and Martinšćica and all relevant departure information’s  can be found in centers of those places where all the departures usually start.

Excursions by bus, car, motorcycle...

Set off to Valun where the Valun Tablet dating back to the 11th century was found, and then to Cres, its town square, town gate, Mandrač and the parish church.

On the other side, visit the island of Lošinj and its two towns – Veli Lošinj (the smaller one) and Mali Lošinj (the larger one), where you will experience the towns history, see the kale (narrow streets) and other sights. In Veli Lošinj, visit the Kula (Tower) and the gallery and learn something about the bottle-nosed dolphins that live in our archipelago. In Mali Lošinj, take a tour of the aroma garden and feel the all the scents and colors of our islands in one place.

Find out more about places on island of Cres and island of Lošinj.

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