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Wir waren das erste mal auf dem Platz camp Bijar. Wir hatten uns diesen schon im Jahr zuvor angesehen. Leider war 2021 für uns nur eine Woche im Superior Bereich verfügbar. Wir haben die Woche sehr genossen. Super Platz, nette Leute, klasse Lage, das Boot direkt in der Nähe, tolles Schnorcheln! Wir haben direkt für 22 3 Wochen reserviert. Sehr zu empfehlen!

Peter Winter, Deutschland, 6.9.2021.

It was a memorable vacation ... Sun ... Sea ... Nature ... and peace on this beautiful island.

Mitja Komvali, Italy, 7.3.2013.

We were for few days in Čikat and 14 days in Bijar. Čikat is really great for kids, but crowded for us. The restaurants are great and the food is delicious. But Bijar was just for us, unique location, sea view and quiet place. Isolated places on the beach and walks to Osor. Vacation was just in our liking and the children fully enjoyed it. Best offer was in the form of tournaments in beach volleyball, really great. We had two great teams with great people and a lot of fun and we won second place. We slept in the great GEBETSROITHER caravans! All in all, it was perfect for us. And the entire staff was great!

Conny Kuepper, Belgium, 7.3.2013.

We are coming for 41 years in this paradise.

Giorgian, It, 6.3.2013.

Beautiful campsite in the shade, ideal for nature lovers. Not too big, but it has everything you need. Also great for kids.

Alessandra Fabbian, Italy, 6.3.2013.

Peace, quiet, birds chirping, a beautiful bay where the branches of pine trees touch the sea, it is a sight that calms me in sad and painful moments. Thank you for keeping this pristine beauty, and especially peace. I'm coming for 30 years but every time I come I feel excited as the first time. Please beware of the pine forest, it must be a priority, to stay like this for years.

Aldo Franco, Italy, 6.3.2013.

Bye. The place is very attractive. While shopping in the store I met an acquaintance from my town. What a small world. A friend recommended me this campsite. Staying here has really paid off, everybody is nice and kind.

Peter Schäfer, germany, 12.2.2013.

As every year, this year also, Bijar improved it's quality. Camp itself is very beautiful, it also has the most beautiful surrounding, It's employees are friendly, they take a good care of camp, everything is good organized and clean, each year there are more and more activities for guests, but again not too much - and camp is stil one of the most quiet and calm ones. Super ! All praises to members of staff ! Thank you ! My reccomend: I really can't understand guests, who have no idea how instantly they can start a fire and what that means. I suggest that everyone that comes to camp, gets a real accurate and specifyed list of everything - what he can NOT do. For examlpe: - lit a torch - once a guest told me it is the same as candle- he had two torches inserted in the ground... ! And candles are allowed !?? - or lite their own grill- to emphasize that they can do this only in the "grill center", - that they can not cook with gas burners direct on the ground, - that they can not burn candles on the ground and - that they must hav any fire - especially candles - every second under controle... etc... etc... Sometimes i get really shocked when I see what guests do... do they even think of danger they are putting us all in ??

Meta Jurečič, Slovenia, 1.10.2012.

We were with a camper in July, we had a great location overlooking the sea, the staff is very friendly and helpful, bathrooms are constantly cleaned. We'll be back for sure.

Peter Neuhuber, Austria, 29.8.2012.

This summer I camped in this beautiful camp (shortly unfortunately).The camp is beautiful, in the shade, toilets are spotless (praises to the cleaning ladies), the staff is very friendly, the only criticism is that there is no newsstand and the store is expensive, and the price could be a little lower.

Jadranka Jurinčić, Croatia, 9.8.2012.

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