Since 1965 Camp Bijar has been operating as a campsite dedicated to providing the best camping holiday experience for families looking for a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our history & location

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Camp Bijar is located close to the ancient town of Osor in the southern part of the island of Cres. Camping around the Osor region dates back to around 1958 when a French group first established a campsite close to the town.

In 1965 Jadranka d.d. purchased a site located about 10 minutes walk from Osor consisting of a beautiful pine forest and built what is today Camp Bijar, now owned and operated by Jadranka turizam d.o.o.

The camp occupies around 5 hectares of land with around 300 metres of beach. Within the boundaries of the camp are several archaeological items of interest, including the stone bollards on the beach-front used for mooring boats which date from the Roman empire, whilst the whole of the bay of Bijar is a protected archaeological area.

Our guests and what they think about us

One of the objectives of the camp's staff is to ensure that guests always feel welcome, a mission that is certainly endorsed by visitor numbers. Over 20,000 guests stay at the camp each year of whom around 60% have visited before. And its not just the number of guest s that prove the point ... comments we have received include the following:

"We have been visiting this paradise for 41 years ... "

"Camp Bijar is almost a drug for me, wonderful sea, quiet atmosphere, very friendly staff ... my little corner of paradise ... "

Read more about what our guests say about us on our Camp Guestbook pages.

Our staff and future camp innovations

Camp Bijar is managed by Iva Delise who has been our Campsite Director since the beginning of 2017. Iva’s  background in campsite operations and her team of 15 staff ensure that the camp's guests experience the unique welcoming and intimate atmosphere the camp was created to achieve. Enhancements to the camp are always being planned, the latest initiative being extensive renovations to the sanitary facilities during 2016.

If you haven't visited camp Bijar before then do take some time to read more about us, find out how we can provide you with a wonderful family holiday experience and send us a booking request. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Campsite Bijar
Osor bb
51554 Nerezine
Island Cres
Tel: +385 (0) 51 237 147
Fax: +385 (0) 51 237 027
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