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q/ I would like to ask how long an electrical cord I have to bring when I'd like to have electricity on one of the non-parcelled plots?

DJ, 04.05.2015


Depending on the location of your place, if you are near electricity then maybe 5-10 m, if you are far from electrical locker then maybe even 60 m.

Admin, 05.05.2015

q/ Are you open on 5.4.2015??? So over Easter?

KS, 02.04.2015


Campsite Bijar is opening on April 24th 2015

Admin, 02.04.2015

q/ Do you have the facility to store a caravan or do you know anywhere locally that does?

MCD, 13.03.2015


There is a caravan depo in campsite Bijar.

Admin, 13.03.2015

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